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"Investment in the future!" The pension fund of the Hoechst Group employees renews the application landscape with adesso insurance solutions

The Pensionskasse der Mitarbeiter der Hoechst-Gruppe VVaG, one of the largest pension funds in Germany, has decided to comprehensively renew its application landscape based on products from adesso insurance solutions GmbH. Furthermore, a long-term maintenance agreement was also signed. The project has begun on March 1, 2021 and will run for approx. four years. The aim is to keep the system landscape and processes future-proof over the long term and to exploit further strategic potential in the product portfolio and digitization.


adesso and FinTecSystems cooperate on analysis of payment transaction streams

Understanding insurance customers better and crafting precision-tailored offerings is the goal of a new strategic cooperative initiative launched by IT service provider adesso and FinTecSystems GmbH, a leading infrastructure fintech firm focusing on open finance. The partnership is to concentrate on analysing and interpreting payment transaction streams. This “open finance” approach is based on the new EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2).


adesso supports Schwäbisch Hall to expand its core banking IT system in the credit sector

For over seven million German citizens, Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall is the first port of call for home loan savings, building finance, renovation and refurbishment, and for follow-on financing of their construction projects. In the context of a large project to bring its IT systems up to date, Bausparkasse has engaged the IT service provider adesso for a sub-project. adesso will support the bank to develop an SAP-based application for its core banking business as a first-time lender. An initial system release with adesso support has already gone live, with the second release planned for autumn 2021.


adesso now also represented in Paderborn

adesso is continuing to pursue its expansion strategy in the new year and is heading to where its customers and highly qualified IT experts, including recent university graduates, are already based. This month, adesso opens its 26th office in Germany in Paderborn. There are plenty of reasons why the company has decided to establish a presence in the western German city, located in the heart of the country’s eastern Westphalia region.


Following premium hike: 38 % of customers considering a switch in health insurer

Health insurance premiums have recently been increased for some 52 % of Germans. The changes affect statutory health insurance providers and private insurers alike. However, insurers don’t appear to be communicating the changes very well, with 58 % of customers stating that they don’t really understand the reasons for the increase. Some 38 % of respondents said they were considering a switch in health insurance provider due to the increased premiums. The study was conducted on behalf of the InsurTech company PBM Personal Business Machine AG and the IT service provider adesso.


adesso creates a tailor-made web presence for IQWiG

The Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) has under-taken the comprehensive modernisation of its web presence for health care professionals and stakeholders as well as for citizens. IT service provider adesso managed the project.


The top AI trends for the insurance industry in 2021

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). In the business world, the scientific community and society alike, AI is the subject of widespread and heated debate. For companies in the insurance industry, it can be hard to stay on top of the latest developments. While technological innovations are opening up new possibilities at every turn, the use of AI in day-to-day business often lags behind. Yet AI offers valuable opportunities and increases the ability of companies to compete.


adesso and powercloud conclude strategic partnership for IT transformation and digitalisation in the energy sector

adesso and powercloud are set to become strategic partners in the energy sector. adesso will support the cloud provider in the fields of consulting, system integration, app development and operation when it comes to migration projects for energy providers. As an IT service provider, adesso has long championed digitalisation in the energy sector. In order to utilise synergies for the energy market, adesso and powercloud will now pool their expertise.


Commentary: Artificial intelligence and banks – a question of cash benefit (author: Volker Gruhn)

We often hear people talk about “no-brainers”. Trying to explain this concept to mean an “obvious statement” or something that is a “breeze” doesn’t quite work. A no-brainer is something that is clear-cut. A decision that does not require much thought. Everything speaks for it – or against it. For all the complexity of its implementation, the use of AI applications in banks is a no-brainer. This is because financial institutions have everything that AI applications need: the data, the tasks and the business cases. Nevertheless, as studies show, our instinct tells us to proceed with caution.


adesso boosts SAP segment with majority stake in QUANTO AG

adesso acquires about 72 % majority stake in QUANTO AG, an IT company specialising in SAP technology with headquarters in Hameln, Germany. QUANTO’s team of approximately 200 employees will be further boosted by an additional 100 SAP experts from adesso. The two companies will merge to form one of the leading SAP consulting companies in Germany as part of the adesso Group, and will subsequently be ramped up to employ at least 500 people. The QUANTO AG shares are set to transfer in full to adesso SE at the end of 2023.

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